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Police Dog Training at Preston Markets

Posted: 8 November 2022

Search dogs play a vital role in the police force and are trained in several roles and disciplines, from general purpose and search to learning to sniff out explosives, drugs, money, blood, and dead bodies.

Meet Zola the police dog

When we were contacted by the Lancashire Police dog training unit, based down the road in Hutton, to ask if they could use Preston Markets as a training location we jumped at the chance. We're glad we did, as we got to see Zola in action.

Zola the police dog

Zola is an 18 month old black Labrador, who had just started her training when we met her. She was very eager and really enjoyed her job.

Drug detection training

The unit brought along some police cadet volunteers, who had small quantities of cocaine hidden on their person. As they pretended to shop, it was Zola's job to detect who was carrying the drugs and to sit down next them. If she achieved this, then she received her ball as a reward.

Zola in action

Have a look at the video and images we captured on her visit.

Don't miss the next visit

The unit have requested to train at Preston Markets again in the future, so if you would like to come along and see how it's done, keep your eyes on our social media channels.

Search @prestonmarkets on Instagram, Facebook and X and follow us.

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