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Preston Markets frequently asked questions (FAQs)

When is the Market Office open?

  • Monday - Saturday: 7.30am to 5pm (one officer is on duty from 5am)
  • Sunday: closed

When is the Outdoor Market on?

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday: 8am - 4pm.

New goods only, but also includes 'exchange goods' stalls (e.g. books and records).

What kind of items are sold on the Outdoor Market?

The occurrence and times of each stall varies. The range of goods available each day can change frequently depending on the traders present and any casual traders who turn up just for the one day. Below is a list of items that are regularly available:

Available most trading daysbooks, plants, perfumes and cosmetics, menswear, fabrics, watches/batteries
Mondayrugs, babywear, beds, military wear and accessories
Wednesdaywhite goods, beds, antiques, flowers, greetings cards
SaturdayFlowers, greeting cards, toys, record (vinyl), Military wear and accessories


How do I apply for a stall on the Outdoor Market?

For information on becoming a trader on the Outdoor Market and how to apply visit Preston Council - Outdoor Market.

When is the Second Hand Market open?

The Outdoor Second Hand Market is held on Tuesdays (second hand only).

The Outdoor Flea Market is held on Thursdays (each trader must sell a minimum of  50% second hand items).

How do I book a stall for the second-hand market or car boot sale?

The Second Hand Market can be booked on the day at the Market Office.

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Are there any public toilets?

There are several toilets available inside the Market Hall including a disabled toilet.

Where are the nearest car parks to Preston Markets?

The nearest car parks are:

  • Hill Street
  • Penny Street
  • Trinity Square
  • Avenham Car Park
  • Preston Bus Station

For details visit Preston Council - Transport and Parking.

Is there disabled parking at Preston Markets?

All blue badge holders can park next to the market canopy on Earl Street and Birley Street.

Is there disabled access at Preston Markets?

The Market Hall and Outdoor Market have disabled access at all times during the opening hours.

How do I get to Preston Markets using public transport

Preston train station is just 0.5 miles away from Preston markets and an 11 minute walk.

Preston bus station is just 0.2 miles away from Preston Markets and a four minute walk.

Wi-Fi and 4G

There is public Wi-Fi connection available at Preston Markets, you just have to sign up on arrival and register yourself.  

Preston Markets and surrounding areas have an excellent 4G+ signal.

Are dogs allowed at Preston Markets?

Only service dogs are allowed in the Market Hall. All other dogs are allowed in the outside areas such as the Box Market and the Outdoor Market only.